3 simple tools to change your vibrational frequency QUICKLY.

Please… Don’t Self Help Me!

How many self-help books do you have on your shelves? Have you ever wondered why you have all these books? Is it because you feel like you need to be a better person or has someone said that you should spend a lot of money reading what other people think will help you, even though they don’t actually know who you are?

3 simple tools to change your vibrational frequency QUICKLY.

See, there is a difference between self-help books and helping yourself to be a better person and live a happier life. The main difference is that you won’t spend thousands of dollars on books for that last part.

Self-help books have been around for decades and have made quite a lot of people very rich because of it. Has it been able to help some people? Sure, it probably has, but if it was able to help everyone be better people, then why are there so many books out there? You would think that you would need to purchase one book and that would be it.

Well, the answer to you living a better life isn’t going to be found in a book that you just dropped $29.95 for.

If you really want to help yourself to a better life then the first thing you need to do is STOP blaming yourself! Look for alternatives to raise your vibration.

There are several tools to do this. Once you experience being free from anger, guilt, stress, envy and even greed, you can unlock a life of total abundance.

We can establish an ideal model of life-based on two simple sentences: “We are what we think” and “Thoughts are real forces ” We all have an inner magnet that at all times attracts ALL circumstances, people, and situations to our lives.

Be it GOOD or Bad. It’s the truth!

This may seem absurd. But our inner magnet is based on a Law of nature, just like the law of gravity, and we do not have the power to change it. So the best thing to do is to use this law in your favor.

First of all, you can easily change the polarity of your inner magnet to attract only what you want. The secret is their feelings. You control your polarity from negative to positive according to the way you feel.

Situations can be overcome only with the way you view your problems. Once you feel good most of the time, you will experience insights that will lead you to resolve any situation in life. You will be a Super Human to other people.

3 simple tools to change your vibrational frequency QUICKLY.

1. Binaural Beats Meditation

2. Guided Meditation

3. Self Hypnoses

3 simple tools to change your vibrational frequency QUICKLY.

Life is about the experiences you have. Find the things you love in life and go after them. Put the passion you have in your heart to work for you and change your life around so that you can finally be happy.

If an obstacle appears before you, change your vibration… dig your feet in and move that obstacle out of your way.

You don’t have to sit back and accept the life you have. Get up and change it to the one you want instead.